Tired of a dull and boring sex-life? Want some magic? Well, here are some quick tips to turn the night of blunder into a night of wonder.

Let your nose be your guide: Try to find out what all scents turn on your partner and wear it before going to bed.

Don't blunder your way through sex (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)


  • Talk Dirty: If you know the art of playing with words, then you can see your partner turning red before even you touch her.
  • Art of kissing: It might be difficult to imagine for many, but a nice, luscious, passionate kiss can make both of you feel like undressing and making it a night to remember.
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  • Experiment: Try to learn different ways of foreplay and pleasuring your partner. There are other ways of reaching an orgasm, apart from the missionary position.
  • Some men like to be dominated: They don’t want a mere sleeping partner in bed. So try to be a part of it lady and surprise him with your moves.


  • Ah! That feels great: Offering to rub her body down or ask her to rub yours so as to arouse the senses. The thought of your bodies touching each other many turn a regular massage into a really hot move.

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  • Let’s get naughty: How about some visual stimulation to get your partner in the right mood? Many couples love watching erotic videos together. Here we are not implying pornography.

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  • Everyone loves compliments: Be it man or woman, all of us like to be appreciated. So if you appreciate her curvaceous figure while making love to her, it definitely ignites her desire for an orgasm.


  • It’s done: Men are generally designed to sleep after sex, whereas women need some pampering post intercourse. So make an effort to at least cuddle your wife after the big ‘O’.

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