Since ancient times women are known for their innate ability to notice the minutes of details about anything.But we should not forget that men too have a keen eye for things although they might not be very vocal about it. No matter how nonchalant they might appear but boys too check out things about girls when they meet for the first time. Read on to know more:

  • Smell

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A guy may or may not remember every detail about the girl he met but definitely remember how she smelled.Her fragrance may even linger on his hands for hours reminding him of the meeting for long.

  •  ​Your smile

​Your smile


A smile can sometimes communicate a message better than words. For instance, a warm smile indicates that the girl is willing to talk. Giggling might be an indicator that she’s enjoying the conversation, and a forceful one is a subtle sign to keep distance.


  •  ​Confidence



There’s nothing more attractive in a woman than her confidence. If a woman carries herself well and exudes optimism, this trait can’t go unnoticed my men.


  •  ​Sense of style

​Sense of style


Whether you like to wear wedges or six-inch heels, prefer layers of make-up or simply a hint of kajal—your personal style gives men a sneak peek about your personality. They might not know what brand you were wearing but will always remember how you looked when you met them for the first time.


  •  ​Physical attributes

​Physical attributes


Men are naturally programmed to scan your physical attributes like height, body type, and ‘other’ features. Hope the guy understands there’s a lot more to a woman than how she looks!


  •  ​Your friends

​Your friends


The kind of people a person likes to hang out with describes a lot about his or her personal preferences. He would be all ears about the adventures you have with your friends—be it over a cup of coffee in the neighbourhood café or a weekend trip to the nearest hill station.


  •  ​Eyes



Eyes are the mirror to one’s soul and a guy will never miss noticing a girl’s eyes when they meet for the first time. Eyes can speak what words fail to convey—no doubt, he can learn a lot about her by reading the subtle language of her eyes.


So never underestimate your partner ; because he also may be notice you !!