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3 Types of People You Need To Have In Life !!

Along our journeys, we encounter all types of souls from all walks of life that help us in this world. No matter the nature of your relationships with people, they all serve a unique purpose that can help you become the best version of yourself, and discover new things about the world around you.

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According to an article about the importance of personal relationships, strong ties with others lead to increased longevity, better health overall, lower blood pressure, better ability to deal with stress, and even a feeling of greater wealth!

Even if some people you encounter appear to only hurt you rather than help you, they still serve the vital purpose of teaching you important life lessons that you can use as you travel through your soul’s journey on Earth. Every person you meet, you encounter for a reason, and while some of these relationships might only last a short while, make sure to keep the following types of people around for good, if possible. Certain relationships will enhance your well-being, such as these three.


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This person might manifest in your life in a few different forms, such as a teacher at school, your mom or dad, a friend, or a spiritual leader. No matter how they appear physically, they will offer invaluable advice and wisdom to pass on to you as you live, learn, and love. They will likely be older than you as they will have more life experience to share with you.


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Throughout your life, you will meet people that you just feel an instant connection with, like you’ve known each other forever. Some people call them “soulmates,” others refer to them as their “soul tribe,” and still others resonate with the term “soul family.” No matter what you call them, these names all essentially mean the same thing; people you meet who you just connect with on an insanely deep level. A soulmate doesn’t have to mean the traditional man and woman romantic relationship; you can have these types of connections in a platonic way as well.

Some people believe that they came from the same galaxy or star system as their soul family, and therefore, incarnated together in this lifetime to do important work. Still others believe that you choose your soulmates, or soul family, before you even come into this world. Upon reuniting with them, you will instantly feel comforted and loved, as if you never got separated from them in the first place. You will click with them on almost every level, so if you have someone like this in your life, don’t ever let them go.


While opposites may experience much energetic discordance, this person shows up in your life to help you grow as a person, and teach you difficult lessons. They might seem blunt at times, but they have good intentions for you. They just want to help you, and don’t have the time to sugarcoat the important messages you need to hear. Some may call this person your “counterbalance,” or a being that aims to balance you so that you can reach your highest potential. Their strength will likely be your weakness, and vice-versa.

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