No​t every one can have a high budget party. But that does not mean that we cannot organise a party and spend some time with our friends and relatives. Low cast party is always mistaken to be a less fun party. Here is few secrets for you to make your party fun and also low budgeted.

 1. Cut down on your venue cost

Make your home as party venue, this will cut down your major cost of the party. If its your child’s birthday, you can choose a public park as your venue.

2. Keep it for few people

Invite few people who are very important for your celebration. It is fine to have a small party than having a mess with too many people in your party. Maintenance becomes easier with less number of people.

3. Do not spend on your invitations

Do not go for written invitations, instead invite people over a call or can invite them face-to-face.  This way you can take RSVP and will give you exact count of how many will be coming to your party.

 4. Go for disposal  plates and forks/spoons

This can help you reduce heavy money on your expenses. Use disposal plates, spoons and forks. You can use your own crockeries, if you do not mind a little bit of washing and all the mess in your kitchen.

5. Keep your party for short time

Keep your party for a short time like only dinner party or only lunch, if its a dinner party then make sure you have extra food for the after party time because dinner parties usually gets dragged for long.