During holidays, we are funneling all kinds of liquids into our body. Whether it was beer, wine or vodka shots, one thing is for sure, the next morning most of us were left craving for water. Because what’s worse than a morning hangover feeling extremely dehydrated?

Down below you’ll see some unsettling things that happen to your body when it’s often dehydrated.

1. You’re always tired

If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed and have a brain fog that follows you everywhere, take a glass of water or two. According to FatigueAnswers.com “consistent dehydration can make your blood extra thick, which means your body has to do extra work to pump it round your body, meaning it can’t focus on diffusing heat through your skin.”

This heat makes you sluggish and makes your brain feel like it’s running through treacle.


2. You get constipated

No one likes to feel constipated. Having to poop is a task that we all pray to be over as soon as it can. But, this is not possible when you are constipated because when your stool moves to the colon, water is reabsorbed into the body through your large intestine.

When you don’t drink much water, it makes it harder for the poop to move through your body.


3. You’re not peeing that often

We’re leading to a very important question: How often do you pee? And what color does it come out? If the color is dark, this is a clear sign that you are simply not drinking enough water which is very bad for your kidneys. If you combine the hydration with sodium or caffeine you will be left with kidney stones.


4. You’ve got dry skin

If all the lotions you’re using to get soft and silky smooth skin are not working then it means you’re not hydrated. Skip that Coke or juice and go for a nice bottle of water.


5. Your mouth is dry, and your breath stinks

Keeping your mouth healthy is very important. So, by drinking a lot of water, you are giving your body enough materials to kill the bacteria that make your mouth dry and smelly.

“If you’re not producing enough saliva in the mouth, you can get bacteria overgrowth and one of the side reactions of that is bad breath from chronic dehydration,” Dr. John Higgins said, speaking to the website Everyday Health.


6. You’re constantly overeating

If you find yourself overeating all the time, then this is a clear sign that your body is not getting enough water. Your organs can’t release enough glycogens that helps you regulate hunger and cravings.


7. Your muscles keep cramping up

If your muscles seize up at the end of a workout it is because your body is dehydrated. When you exercise you sweat and can’t get that water back so you have to replace it.

According to a research “athletes in warm-weather climates especially should be sure to drink extra water to avoid these effects.”


8. Your liver, kidneys and bowels stop working

When your body is in need of H2O, most digestive organs stop functioning. According to the website “dehydration can cause toxins to build up in your body due to infrequent urination, and these toxins stop your body from working as it should.”

When your blood is too thick you might have a lot of problems in the future.


It’s your job to keep your body healthy! Drink water!