What’s the secret to happiness?

Is it positive thinking or repeating affirmations?
Is it spirituality or getting close to God?
Is low expectations the secret to happiness?

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The reason most people are not happy in their lives is that they don’t understand what happiness really is. Misguided by the superficial advice they find everywhere about happiness those people get happiness incorrectly and spend their life pursuing goals that would never make them happy.

Let’s see what is the secret to happiness?

What is everybody’s dream car?
what is the car that all people in the world would like to own?

This sounds like a silly question because it doesn’t need a high IQ to guess that people have different tastes.

Didn’t you notice that you made this same mistake when you asked about the secret to happiness?

The first thing you must understand about happiness is that the secret to my happiness is quite different than the secret to your happiness.

Lets suppose that you had a lot of money, lots of friends but you had no relationship partner and you were worried about that because you were getting old.

In such a case a loving relationship is the secret to your happiness.

Is the secret to happiness is low expectations?

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In order to be really happy you must understand your unmet needs, find exactly the things that you miss in life then work on getting them.

You can only become happy after you fight for happiness and after you make big changes to your life.

On the other hand there is a group of people that think with a defeated mindset.
They say that the secret to happiness is low expectations and that the secret to happiness is to admire without desiring. Sounds familiar huh?

While certainly low expectations can prevent disappointments and while attachment to things can make you needy still such a defeated approach will always result in depression on the long term.

If you ignored your unmet needs and tried to forget them by not having any high expectations then you will certainly end up depressed.

So what is the real secret to happiness?

People who tell you that the real secret to happiness is freedom are the ones who have an unmet need for freedom.

Those who tell you that the real secret to happiness is love are the ones who want to feel loved so bad.

Those who tell you that the real secret to happiness is low expectations are the ones who decided to escape from their problems.

Those who tell you that the real secret to happiness is spirituality are people who have unmet needs that make them badly in need of spirituality.

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The real secret to happiness is understanding your own unmet needs then pursing them. Only then you will know what true happiness feels like.