Family should always be there for one another and stand by each other’s side. However, you should never choose spouses and friends over family and always take care of family no matter what. 

You should be fortunate when you have family and you should never turn your back on your family because they have some people out there who don’t have family and wish they did. Always respect family no matter what because friends come and go, but family is forever. Some people don’t value or respect their family members and end up choosing their friends over their family and no matter how many ups and downs one has with their siblings or parents, you’re still family no matter what. Like it or not. 

Know that: You could pick and choose your friends, but you can’t pick and choose your family. That’s a saying that is so true! Although, family should be your main priority, because you must take care of home and you must always protect your ground and not let anyone take advantage or get over on you or your family. Most importantly, you must always protect your loved ones.

When you have children: You should always make sure that your children are safe all the time. 
Put them in school, so they could have a good education so they can be very successful in life as they grow. Always make sure that nothing bad happens to them by protecting them and raising them the proper way by teaching them from right and wrong. 

VIP: Do not abuse your children in any way or try to break their spirit because you can damage them and that’s when they become damaged goods. However, there are some parents out there that just don’t care at all by not taking care of family and just neglect their children because they’re not fit to be a parent, especially those young mothers out there. You see, anyone can have children, but most are not fit to be a mother, meaning they can’t take care of their children, let alone take care of themselves. Not only that, they can’t afford to even buy milk or diapers because they’re too busy spending their money on nonsense and it’s even worse if they’re on drugs and is always high on something and they do nothing, but spend their money on syntax and not caring about the welfare of the child.

With family: Some feel close to their family and some don’t to a point where they look to outsiders for comfort and support. 
In cases like this: You should always support one another and each other.

Children and Parent relationships: Parents, you should always listen to your children . 
Don’t be fooled: because believe me, your children knows more than you think and it usually surprises you that they know the things that they know. Pay attention to your children! 

Children: You must always respect your parents no matter how hard you feel that they are on you. Remember: your parents are only looking out for you so you won’t make bad decisions. We all know that all children want to make their own decisions. But sometimes, the decisions that certain children and teenagers make could ruin them in the worst possible way which can damage them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Then that’s when your parents have to step up and say I told you so. But as you get older, you get wiser and learn to not make the same mistakes that will end up making you look like a fool. 

But know that: Experience is the best teacher. So children grow up and listen to your parents because n one wants to hear I told you so. 

Back on the subject of family: There are certain family members that just can’t seem to get along and can’t stand one another and all they do is bicker and fight with one another and not caring about each other’s lives and most tend to be disrespectful. Then you have the one’s who are disrespectful towards each other. 
I hate to see when family members are violent towards one another or even committing crimes against each other all because of sibling rivalry and jealousy. Then you have the kind of family that love each other to death. They’ll have brunch together and plan event together and they’re together all the time. That type of family never really deal with outsiders that’s not family whatsoever. Their opinion on that is basically because they feel that outsiders are usually trouble and feel that outsiders are usually trouble and feel that trouble can usually follow them home which makes it uncomfortable for them to live happy and prosperous lives. 

Remember: Trouble could easily follow you home. So they usually deal with each other and not friends because they still have to live there no matter what. Although, family is the most important thing that you can have and you should truly value your family to the fullest. No ifs, ands, or butts about it. I have this friend who constantly disrespects her mother because she always wants her way and when she doesn’t get her way, she’ll flip out. I told her to stop doing what she’s doing because it’s not cool to disrespect your parents like that. She didn’t understand what I meant by that and felt that I was nagging her. In other words, she felt that I was picking her brain. The point I’m getting to: Is that you should never disrespect your mother because you’ll live to regret it and like the saying goes: What you do to your parents will eventually come back to you when you have children of your own. 

Remember: You only have one mother, so you should really cherish that. Family is important and should be your main priority.

Note: Never let friends and men come in between your family or family issues and never air out your dirty laundry because people tend to use it against you. So on that note: Be careful!
However, family is a great thing t have no matter what the case may be, but if you insist on putting your friends first before family, then you have another thing coming because you can’t do that, that is something that you’ll definitely regret for the rest of your life. 
First things first, you can’t put your spouse first before family because they come and go because family is forever. 
With relationships: nothing is ever promised to you, and with friendship, you never really know who’s going to go through the veranda with you all the way. That is why, family should be your #1 priority aside from your friends and spouses. Always take care of family!

Family and Home: Will you really put your friends and spouses first before family or will you just do things just to impress others to make yourself look good?

Although, they have some people out there that are crazy enough to flip out on family and not really think about the pain and suffering that could cause their family while only thinking of themselves which is bad on their end and depending on what they did which could damage the relationship with your family, but what they don’t know is, they’re really hurting themselves in the long run and end up having lots of regrets.

The Do’s, and The Don’t that comes with family and home life:

-Take care of family no matter what. No ifs, ands, or butts about it.
-Take care of your household and always make it nice, comfortable, and presentable for your family and your guests when they come and visit.

-Ever abandon your family because they come first.
-Put your friends, lovers, or spouses first before family
-Steal and do spiteful things to hurt your family 
-Do things that will violate or ruin you home life.
In other words: Don’t do dirt where you lay your head because it will come back to haunt you.